Can you imagine life without problems?

Can you imagine a human that never cry?

Can you imagine world existence without hereafter?

 When I am happy …I am always wanted to be happy, this is my comfort zone!

I am afraid that one day I will cry hard, I am afraid that one day I got sick, I am afraid that one day I will did suicide.

But, I felt dull. I need changes. But I never change when I am happy…Would you?

I think I need frustration.

And when I in love….one day…I will be forgotten my existent.  I will hold it, and I will fly higher and higher. Then we broke up. I would fall down in a worse way. Damaged.  I am afraid to this world. Sometime I said I need it but actually I don’t.

Never hope this world to become part of me. Never hope this world become peace at once.

I repeat that; I never hope that will happen one day.

Maybe you probably felt weird. There a lot of people praying for the peace. Plenty songs created only for that matter. There a lot of efforts for peace. Thanks but no thanks.




It is just a placed to test. To test how we deal with the happiness, the suffering, the good that bad, the bad that good, the decisions.


When you felt the wind blowing on your wet hand, felt the breathing in every seconds, if you could see the haze in the morning. If could see the shadow behind the sun.  

I think you probably choose to be suffering rather than happiness in this world.

You don’t want to be here.

This isn’t a place for a pleasant life. You could try.

God always wanted us to be happy in this world and hereafter.

But I don’t really care my life in this world. I would be happy if I am suffers, I would be happy if I am in peace. I am thankful in everyway the world would bring me. Anyway DEATH is the destination.

Let me cry, don’t bother me

I just need a complete frustration till my brain dead.


Finaly i meet my Lord

Finaly i meet my Lord