Do you ever been in a situation where someone suddenly accost you and said “Hi! It’s been a long time I didn’t see you…where re you working now? ” But ….


YOU DON’T KNOW HIM/HER! , You trying very hard to remembering her face…but you can’t. You started to blaming yourself for became absent-minded.


After a particular days or months or years, you meet with that person again, and him/her seem ‘no LONGER’ recognize you. You trying to explain to that person, about where and how that you met him/her. You failed. He/she blur.


Are you or that person insane ? ? ? ? ?


I am told my best-friend about this story. She said that is Déjà vu phenomenon.

Until now she doesn’t have any accurate finding about that weird phenomenon even after a several years working on that research. I felt excited. Am I experienced in a so-called strange thing in the world? It is a very weird situation.


A woman accost me in a bus, ask me a lot of questions and I don’t know how to answer them.


She ask me “Where are working now?” but I am still undergraduate at that time.

“How your mother ?”  My mother ?? she was fine…I mean.. Why she asked that.


…I ask her…” May I know you?”

SHE told me “YES. You re my ex-officemate!  Aren’t you?”

I said confidently “NO…I am sorry but I didn’t know you and I am not your office-mate. I am still studying.


I thought she must be mistaken.


After a year, I am finished with the undergraduate study. I met her in my work place. She was my office-mate. !!!!! GOD!!!

She didn’t recognize me, but I am sure that was her who I met in a bus a year ago.

After 2 month working, I have to quit that job because I have to take care of my mother who was alone and unwell in my hometown. My parent just divorced in cruel way,

My life change, frustration and worn out.


Then, I knew why she asked “HOW YOUR MOTHER?”

I think she was experienced a déjà vu. I was the element of her déjà vu experienced.  Maybe God wanted me to know the future before I am entering that life. But I didn’t notice it. I was laughing about the ‘mistaken’ during that time.


Déjà vu not only occurred in your dream, It happen when you awake and sane! Believe me